There is a total of 834, 769 registered doctors in the United States and a total of 63, 776 clinics and hospitals. You always want to know you have chosen the best option, especially when it comes to medical care. Doctor reviews come in handy. The initial difficulty would be finding authentic reviews; the last would be finding the best among them.

Best Doctor Reviews is a collection of authentic and best doctor reviews. We have reviews on registered doctors in the United States. These reviews are taken from the year 2010 up until today. We run surveys, make interviews and do FGDs (focus group discussions) to accomplish substantial data enough to support each review. We have researchers that gather and filter information; and another group of researchers that verify the information. The process of handling the reviews is extensive. There are a lot of doctor reviews online but rarely do you encounter one like ours.

We aim to provide the best of the latest doctor reviews. And we encourage comments and suggestions from readers.

Feel free to contact us through the email provided in the Contact Us page.

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